21 days to sugar freedom!

Are you struggling with: 

  1. Stubborn weight gain that goes right to your midsection?
  2. Powerful sugar or carb cravings?
  3. Energy swings & feeling sluggish - need a 'pick me up,' or an afternoon nap?
  4. Constant hunger - never feeling 'satisfied'?
  5. A need to eat every couple of hours or you get 'hangry' (hungry-angry)?
  6. A need for something sweet after a meal?
  7. Mood swings and brain fog?
  8. Digestion, thyroid or hormone issues?
  9. Elevated blood sugar, triglycerides, A1c, liver enzymes, or cholesterol numbers?
  10. Eating healthy, but trouble losing or maintaining weight loss?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, your metabolism is likely in sugar burning mode. 

It may be time to consider a....

A 21 Day eCourse program to help you kick your sugar and carb cravings to the curb - to get your metabolism out of sugar burning mode and into fat burning mode.

Next Group Starts on February 15th!  

"I loved the Break up with Sugar course! I came into it thinking this would be all about sugar...and it is...but, it's so much more. Not only do I pay attention to the sugar in my foods now (and adjust what I'm eating accordingly), I have a better insight into my overall wellness. Sara doesn't just walk you through the facts about sugar, she helps you dig deep and connect to WHY you want to be healthier and break up with sugar. This is the key piece! In addition to all of the guidance, education, and support, Sara provides a fantastic recipe book. I've been working my way through the recipes and LOVE them...such a game changer for eating healthier. I also really loved her supplement guide. I've been taking the vitamins and enjoying the protein powder she recommends (I had been searching for months for a good protein powder and this one is the best!). Overall, I recommend this course to anyone wanting to get a good understanding of sugar and how it impacts your overall health. It's thorough and supportive. I really hope Sara creates more nutrition based e-Courses...I'm totally on board if she does!"

   - Vicky Cook 

Success Stories

"Sara's "Break Up With Sugar" program has literally changed my life! I work from home and after a mid-day light meal, I would simply crash and have to lie down for an hour. I couldn't figure out why and when I signed up for the program, I had no idea that it had to do with sugar. Seriously, now that I have gone through the course and changed my eating habits, I no longer find the need to lie down in the afternoon. I also have no cravings what-so-ever. Even better? I have lost 7 pounds and my roomie (a male) has lost 24 pounds!   It was much easier than I expected to break up with sugar (AND my daily Diet Cokes). And I really don't miss it at all. I think that's because Sara provided us with so many delicious low-carb recipes and new types of foods to try. She also explained how to read the labels and to determine how so many products "healthy" products are really just filled with sugar. I now look at these products and cringe!  If you want to get healthier and feel better, take this course!"

   - Shelley Webb 

"Taking the Break Up With Sugar program has been truly life changing. I cannot thank Sara enough for all she has taught me! Thanks to her wonderful tips, knowledge and recipes, I have been able to regain control of my health and break my addiction to sugar. In the process of doing this e-course, I have lost 9 lbs so far, just through cutting out sugar and eating more healthy fats and proteins. Now that my eyes have been opened to the dangers of eating too much sugar, I am determined to make this a lifelong change. I look forward to being the healthiest and fittest version of myself!! I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to break a sugar addiction but needs the support and tools to do so, or anyone who wants to gain knowledge and eat healthier."

   - Kate Holmes

I've been working my way through the recipes and I love them!

I've lost 7 pounds and my roomie has lost 24! 

I have been able to regain control of my health and break my addiction to sugar. 

Picture YOU in 21 days with...

  • Better & longer lasting energy
  • Stable moods
  • Releasing unwanted weight
  • Freedom from sugar & carb cravings
  • Less hunger
  • Deeper sleep
  • Reduced risk of diseases
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better brain function
  • and much more!

About Your Instructor

I used to be a sugar-a-holic myself...

"Break up with Sugar is the first chapter of my book The Perfect Metabolism Plan, because as a Nutritionist, I know that it is not possible to have a healthy metabolism when the blood sugar is not in control.  But as a former sugar junkie myself, I know breaking up with sugar is not easy.  But with motivation, the right support, information and tools - it can be done!  So that is why I created the Break up with Sugar course!  To help others take back control of their metabolism, weight and health. 

One of the biggest steps to my personal health transformation - was breaking up with sugar!!  I remember looking in the mirror and noticing that I looked younger, and my skin was glowing.  My energy was significantly better, and so were my moods.  I was sleeping more soundly.  It took a few days, but my cravings subsided.  Eventually - my tastebuds changed.  I no longer wanted the same sweet foods I used to love. 

I finally found the answers to my long list of chronic health issues right at the end of my fork.  I am passionate about health and helping people find the answers at the end of their forks too.

I believe good health gives us freedom to live our lives to the fullest." 

- Sara Vance, Nutritionist & Author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan

"When we are relying on sugars and simple carbs for energy, our metabolism gets stuck in sugar-burning mode - which means it is storing fat, not burning it. Also, sugar and simple carbs supply short term energy -  so the energy we get from sugar is followed by a crash. The longer we are on the sugar rollercoaster, the worse it is for our health.  Getting control of our blood sugar puts us back in the drivers seat for our metabolism, energy, moods, weight & health."

Get your metabolism out of sugar-burning mode & into fat-burning mode!

About the eCourse

Plus over $550 of Juicy Bonuses...for FREE!

7 Video Sample from The Metabolism Summit (value $39.00) - featuring over 6 hours of interviews with 7 top health experts 

An energy healing exercise from Ashley Lee Healing™ to help clear sugar cravings & candida (value $500)

The Hydration Challenge eCourse (value $9.95) - a 7 day challenge to get you hydrated! Includes recipes and action steps!

All About Resistant Starch eCourse (value $19.95)

Access to the online classroom with lessons about resistant starch -"the skinny starch."  Plus an eCookbook with delicious recipes incorporating resistant starch. 

Have you tried other sugar detoxes before? 

...only to get sucked back in?

"When I first signed up for the Break up with Sugar program, I expected to attend a typical course, and I was skeptical about my ability to follow through. However, Sara's teaching style and masterful way of combining information, meaningful actions, and engaging conversations guided me to make a complete shift in my attitude toward sugar and my overall lifestyle. The Break up with Sugar program is much more than a course. It is a delightful and rewarding journey to a better life! I can't recommend this course highly enough, and I would eagerly attend any program Sara creates!"

   - Shara Haberman

The last sugar detox you will ever need!

A delightful and rewarding journey to a better life!

I found this to be an amazing course. I signed up just to see what I might learn. I never imagined I was addicted to sugar!!! I learned so much about food, what is in it and how it affects me. I was able to immediately implement changes which have been fabulous. I never thought a smoothie would fill me up for breakfast. I used to eat breakfast and then a snack before lunch. Now I eat a smoothie and maybe a small muffin from the recipe book and am good until after noon. I have been introduced to supplements and powders about which I had not previously been aware. Love, love, love all this information, support, and application. I can't thank you enough!

I never imagined I was addicted to sugar...

- Joy Braun

Don't think you are eating much sugar?

Most people underestimate the amount they are getting 

because it's sneaking in all day long.

We'll take it step by step...

1. Awaken

2. Prepare

Next - we will get physically and mentally ready for our break up. We will do a pantry purge, choose recipes from the 60+ page cookbook, and hit the grocery store.  But we will also weigh the positives and negatives of sugar in our life and write our break up letter to make a commitment to what we are doing. Many people will want to take advantage of the supplements too.

3. Break up

Before we take any action, we will awaken to the amount of sugars that are sneaking into our diets, where they are coming from, and connect to our reasons for needing a break up.  A lot of programs skip this step - and have you dive in and start making changes. 

I have found this stage to be critical to long term success. 

Just do it!  Once you know how much sugar you are actually eating, the impact it can have on your health - you will be chomping at the bit to 


Now it is time to take back control and kick sugar to the curb.  Using the guidelines and recipes - it is doable and yes - even enjoyable!

What the Break up with Sugar Program is NOT:

A ZERO Sugar Diet.

We are developing new habits to last a lifetime - not just 21 days. Going to zero sugar is not very realistic or sustainable for the long term. I don't want to set you up to fail and to rebound. I want this to the last sugar detox you need!  So yes, be prepared to significantly cut down on the amount of sugar you are getting... but know that it is not unreasonable.  It is doable and repeatable. 

A Deprivation Diet - with icky cardboard-like food.

I am a foodie. I love food. And I don't do bland. So I don't expect you to do bland either!  I love to upgrade recipes and create healthy recipes that don't taste "healthy." I have developed these recipes over several years- and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable this can be.  You get more than 60 pages of delicious recipes to use to implement the program.  

"It was much easier than I expected to break up with sugar. And I really don't miss 

it at all. I think that's because Sara provided us with so many delicious low-carb recipes and new types of foods to try." - Shelley Webb

Just About the Food.

Yes, the food is a very key part to an effective break up with sugar.  Let's be real here.  This is not just about food.  Sugar is so much deeper than that. It is emotional. It is like a relationship that has been there for us for decades. It is hiding everywhere and lures us in. Hey, it is as addictive as a drug. So in addition to 'clean' eating - you will understand all the sneaky ways sugar is coming into your diet, how to read between the lines on labels, and how to understand how even certain low sugar foods can be spiking our bloodsugar, we dive deep into the reasons for making this a life change, and support you to create new and lasting habits. We work on the emotional and physical aspects of taking back the control from sugar. Sometimes the emotional side is not easy to do.  But that is what makes this program different than most other sugar detoxes, and more likely to be the last sugar detox you ever need.

"Sara doesn't just walk you through the facts about sugar, she helps you dig deep and connect to WHY you want to be healthier and break up with sugar. This is the key piece!" - Vicky Cook

A Diet at All.

A diet is temporary.  Something that you are miserable while you are doing it, and that you can't wait until it is over so you can "go back to normal."  Yes, I speak from experience - been there, done that - plenty.  The diets I was on might have worked for a while, but the changes didn't last.  I can remember making myself a treat the night before I started a new "diet."  And having a celebratory treat when I was done. This is all about lasting change.  A change that you welcome and are excited to continue.  

"The Break up with Sugar program is much more than a course. It is a delightful and rewarding journey to a better life!" - Shara Haberman

"Taking the Break Up With Sugar program has been truly life changing...I have been able to regain control of my health and break my addiction to sugar. In the process of doing this e-course, I have lost 9 lbs..." Kate Holmes

An instant, overnight fix. 

In order for this program to work, the successful student will make time to listen to the online lessons, complete the suggested activities/worksheets, try out the recipes, and take ACTION.  Just signing up for the program is not enough - you need to take ownership for your own health and do the work.  For those that do - this program can be life-changing!!  

Just remember - you don't have to complete the course in 21 days, you have lifetime access - so take your time, and go through the program at the pace that is right for you. 

Not sure you are ready?  Most  people are a little hesitant at first...

"...but I knew I needed to gain control over my sugar cravings. Wow! This course was just what I needed. Sara is so relatable and such an excellent teacher. I was never intimidated and was given the tools to not just break up with sugar for a few weeks, but for the rest of my life while being able to live life to the fullest. I am so excited for the journey that lies before me and feel that I have been given the tools needed to keep on the right path. I am truly thankful for this course and I highly recommend it!"

- Melissa Graham

You can do it!  And your health might just depend on it...

Chronically elevated blood sugar is associated with an increased risk for many serious diseases - Including heart disease, cancer, liver disease and diabetes. 

I was scared to death to take this course...

Where do you see your health going...? 

Sign up for the Break up with Sugar Program and take back the control from sugar!

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